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A Quick Guide for Buyers of Used Cars in Mumbai

The demand for pre-owned cars is hitting an all-time high. It reached a record-breaking point last year, as the researches by CRISIL points out. Companies in the pre-owned car market are witnessing growth like never before, courtesy the growing aspirations of consumers, manufacturer-backed offers and exponential growth in the e-commerce space. Till a few years back, the ratio of new to used cars was 1:1.2. This has now grown to be 1:2.2, according to the reports of CRISIL. This implies that for every 10 new cars sold, 22 used cars are finding buyers. It is interesting to note that with steady decline in the holding period of a vehicle from six years to three years, there has been a considerable increase in the supply of used cars. Market watchers have also asserted that the new passenger vehicle market is set to close at 2.8 million units this year.

There are also a few fundamental things that must be kept in mind when buying a second hand car. The first and foremost thing is to check the overall condition of the car. Look out for rusting, wear and tear, any abnormal noises coming from the engine, dents/scratches/damages to the body, etc. The electrical parts should also be in working order, while the interiors and upholstery should also not be overlooked. It is advisable to take it for a test drive in order to be assured if it will suit your requirements. Get the service booklet of the car you wish to purchase; it will let you know if the car was serviced at regular intervals. Also, it is imperative to check for the original documents of the car. Once you have ticked all these conditions, you can go ahead to seal the deal.

Hot Favorites Used Cars in Mumbai Are as Follows

Honda Accord

1. Honda Accord – with a gem of an engine, this car is pretty low on maintenance. It is well-suited for driving on highways, and delivers around 12 kmpl of mileage. Regular service checks from authorized showrooms would expectedly offer fuel economy a little on the higher side. It comes with great technology to boost its dynamics of driving and torsional rigidity.

Honda City

2. Honda City – This car has swept away all the success ever since its launch. With its highly spacious boot and reliable engine that requires low maintenance, it comes as no wonder that this car has been featuring as a popular option amongst both new as well as used car purchasers in the country.

Honda Civic

3. Honda Civic – A premium sedan with a sporty feel, this car offers great value for money, since the buyers get a lot in terms of quality, space, and comfort. However, the lack of a diesel variant and not-so-impressive fuel economy may be considered as drawbacks. Yet, it continues to enjoy a position amongst the top 3 car models for even buyers of pre-owned cars.

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