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NOTICE is issued in the interest of consumers planning to buy used cars and want to fulfil their dream of owning a car. Please be aware while buying used cars compulsorily keep three basic parameters in mind i.e. quality, precise price and clear documentation of the car, with a great deal of Trust and Transparency.

Please do not give into the deceptive look and feel of used cars anywhere and everywhere as trust is paramount when you buy and sell your car which even though is a used car, it is YOUR CAR… may be the 1st one and we understand it…

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assistance to comprehensive warranties
• Insurance
• Finance options
• Buyback facility
• Available near you

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Buying Guide for Mercedes Benz SLS

The SLS AMG is a great product of the Mercedes company launched way back in 2009 and since then the SLS has been a great hit and the sales with the course of time has only increased.

Mercedes Benz SLS

Mercedes Benz SLS

Mercedes Benz India | Mercedes Benz SLS Overview | Mercedes Benz SLS Price

The Exterior

The exterior of any Mercedes is indeed very stylish and SLS version is no exception. Since the very first model was launched this sports sedan has undergone several alterations. At present there are total four variants available. The metallic silver is the most well-known of all shades and has supreme interior as well as exterior. There is also the AMG Alu beam Silver if one is looking for an exceptional ride. There is the gull wing door way and the LED tail lights.

The Interior

The interior is cosy and comfortable. The look of the interior is itself exclusive. It is a two seated sedan. It has all the features that modern user can want of starting of from well ventilated air conditioner to music system and connectivity, navigation system etc.

The Engine and Transmission

The engine is 6.3 litre V8 engine, 622 HP / 468 LB-FT power. It a 7 speed transmission and the speed can go up to 204 mph within a few seconds.

The Safety and Braking options

The model has both the standard brakes and carbon ceramic disc brakes. The anti Braking lock system is also there. The gull wings are functional too and do not just contribute to the style quota. The standard 3 stage ESP is also a present.


The performance of this sedan is no doubt but excellent. It can accelerate a speed to 60 MPH in around 3.2 seconds. Price

The price of this sedan is Rs 2.52 crore

The pros and the cons

The pros are

• Its styling both interior and exterior
• Its infotainment system
• Its engine speed

The cons

• Hefty price tag
• Not Spacious
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