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Tata Tiago Vs. Maruti Suzuki Alto K10

Both Tata Tiago and Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 have more or less similar features, with the exception of an extra airbag in the Alto K10. Talking about performance and drivability, the Alto K10 promises a slightly better performance despite its engine being 200cc smaller. That is because the Alto K10 is more than 250 kg lighter than the Tiago. Moreover, its engine is immensely more refined and free revving than the Tiago’s gruff sounding unit.

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The diesel Tiago is a dark horse of this test. It does not ensure the high-revving performance of the petrol variant, but has better real-world performance, thanks to better low-end torque as well as a marginally stronger mid-range grunt. However, if your usage of the used car will mostly be confined to the city limits, the Alto K10 AMT will be a much better choice for you, as it will relieve you from endless clutch operation and gear-shifting, thus curtailing your stress of daily commutes considerably.

Tata Tiago

Tata Tiago

As far as fuel efficiency is concerned, real world tests have proven that both the manual and the automatic Alto K10 were almost 2 kmpl more efficient than the petrol powered Tiago. But the diesel Tiago was consistently 2 kmpl more efficient than the Alto K10. The cabin space in Tiago far exceeds that of the Alto K10. While the latter is not a good choice for long journeys with four normal sized adults, the Tiago offers more than adequate space for even a family of five. It has also got a much bigger boot of 242 litres as compared with Alto K10’s 177 litre capacity. You will surely be impressed by the Tiago’s much more upmarket and luxurious interiors.

However, when it comes to reliability and after sales service, Maruti is unbeatable. Tata’s new launched have usually been troubled with unresolved issues, which has put excessive pressure on their poor network of dealers, thus leading its loyal customers to unnecessary hassles. It needs a major turnaround of its quality and service if it aims to win back the interest of the buyers. Maruti boasts of an exemplary track record of long-lasting products that result it outstanding resale value of its cars. Over the next 5 to 7 years, the Alto K10 is bound to have lesser depreciation than the Tiago.

Maruti Suzuki Alto K10

Maruti Suzuki Alto K10

If you cannot make up your mind between these two used cars, well, it might be of help to know that test results conducted on them have revealed that the Tiago beats the Alto K10 to claim the top spot. Also, car buyers should keep in mind that the diesel variant of the Tiago is a safer bet, as it is noticeably easier to drive around city streets, thanks to the low-end torque. It is also cheaper. The only argument in favour of the Alto K10 is that if you are looking for a car exclusively for city commutes, it will make perfect sense for you, courtesy the cutting-edge AMT automatic.

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