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Find Out The Highest Selling Used Cars in Ahmedabad

There’s no doubting the fact that innumerable questions pop up in our minds when we have plans to purchase a car. The basic one amongst these is perhaps, whether we should opt for an all-new car or a pre-owned one. This dilemma often confuses car buyers, simply due to the reason that, while buying a new car has many advantages to it, settling for a used car also comes with its own sets of benefits and positive points. According to a study by a renowned car portal, about 80% of the used cars in Ahmedabad comprise compact cars and hatchback. As compared to the metro cities, Ahmedabad has the least demand for used SUVs and irrespective of the budget, the hatchbacks enjoy the leading positions in the city when it comes to popularity. A survey has also revealed that 60% of the used car purchasers in the city research about the car on the Internet before buying it. it is interesting to note that white and silver are the most preferred color shades amongst the people who seek to buy a second hand car. The top 3 car models which are the most popular in the used car market in Ahmedabad are as follows :

Highest Selling Used Cars in Ahmedabad

Volkswagen Polo

1. Volkswagen Polo : It is one of the chief cars that this German company has launched in India to retain its market share here. The makers have endowed the new version of Polo with some upgrades that mostly cater to its interiors. Hardly would anyone deny that the Polo has an extremely stylish and modern edge to it. Owing to its contemporary looks, the Polo is arguably the most sought-after hatchback vehicle. It is also a highly preferred one amongst used cars buyers.

Hyundai i10

2. Hyundai i10 : A relatively smaller hatchback, it has managed to create a buzz owing to its looks and affordability. It flaunts an aesthetic design that gives it a solid upper edge in the entry level segment in the country. It looks compact from the outside, but the elegant designs in the interior offer ample space to fit in 4 adults comfortably. This car is also known to offer great fuel efficiency and has thus, remained a favourite over the years.

Toyota Etios Liva

3. Toyota Etios Liva : This hatchback model has been built based on the Etios sedan and it shares most of its parts with the sedan. Launched in India by Toyota in December 2010, it was followed by the launched of the Liva hatchback in June 2011 for the Indian market. Ever since its release, the company did not introduce any changes to the hatchback until October 2014, when minor cosmetic upgrades were introduced.

With the Indian automobile market brimming with different car brands, it indeed becomes a difficult choice to settle for one. And as more cars are being added every month to tap the potential of the growing market in India, consequently, the second hand car market is also growing in tandem. And, Ahmedabad is no exception. Apart from these top 3 car models, there are also many other options which you can explore.

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