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NOTICE is issued in the interest of consumers planning to buy used cars and want to fulfil their dream of owning a car. Please be aware while buying used cars compulsorily keep three basic parameters in mind i.e. quality, precise price and clear documentation of the car, with a great deal of Trust and Transparency.

Please do not give into the deceptive look and feel of used cars anywhere and everywhere as trust is paramount when you buy and sell your car which even though is a used car, it is YOUR CAR… may be the 1st one and we understand it…

Mahindra First Choice Wheels Limited – One of India’s leading Multibrand Used Car Company fulfils all used car needs and is a Subsidiary of Mahindra Group - A USD 16.9 billion multinational group trusted by millions of consumers with varied interests ranging from Automobile, Farm Equipment, Technology, Hospitality, Aerospace, Defence and many more spheres touching consumers globally.

This notice advocates all your used cars related needs, and requests you to explore your options with Mahindra First Choice Wheels which is a pioneer in creating the organised used car industry in the country. Today, it is a company with network of 600+ dealers in more than 290 cities servicing all your used cars needs from buying, selling and exchanging used cars of all brands, doorstep finance, documentation and insurance along with a great Consumer Satisfaction on Trust, Quality, Precise Price, Car health, and widest choice.

With Mahindra First Choice Wheels you get the following advantage:

• Transparency and trust
• Hassle free documentation with clean papers of the car
• Certified quality cars
• Widest choice
• Assurance on every car from roadside
assistance to comprehensive warranties
• Insurance
• Finance options
• Buyback facility
• Available near you

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A Guide to Buying The Best Used Cars in Nashik

Nashik is a beautiful city which has a lot of history related to it. This city is situated in the western region in Maharashtra. Every city has a story of its own and it needs to be well taken care of. The used car market in this city is very up to date as the population and the requirement s of the political families has increased a lot. You can easily get yourself a used car in this city if you are willing to look for it.

Used Cars in Nashik

Owning a used car nowadays is a very common practice. You get to handle and experience many things. Many families and folks tale used cars in account because they cannot afford new ones or the maintenance cost related to it. To help you out on your used cars venture we have created a list if the top 3 models of cars which are very much prevalent and popular in Nashik for resale purpose. There is a reason behind the population of these cars like the necessity, the availability and the requirement type of the crowd of the city which is definitely an important issue in regard.

Hyundai Verna

Hyundai Fluidic Verna

This is a very versatile production of a car by the Hyundai Company. You will often find this beast roaming about in many cities and hence it is a popular one too for purchasing in Nashik. The different features that make this car a viable and necessary option are plenty like safety airbags, Anti-Braking System, brake assist, Engine Immobilizer, central locking, child locking, comfortable steering, parking assist, heaters, vanity mirrors on sun visors and much more. All these features are packed in this comfortable sedan and put up for resale at a very minimum amount of price of about INR 6 Lakh.

Maruti Suzuki WagonR

Maruti Suzuki WagonR

This particular small car by Maruti is a very powerful machine which is responsible for easy transportation along with swift handling procedures. This car has minimal features but it s handy and sturdy little monster that takes care of the entire package. It is best for travelling in the market or narrow lanes and it will not create a single issue while navigating through such roads. Central locking, heater, engine immobilizer, child safety lock all these features come at a resale value of about INR 2.8L

Tata Manza

Tata Manza

We have all heard about the name of Tata. It is one of the finest companies to provide us with some of the best and strong automobiles. This particular model is one of the best and popular cars in Nashik which comes along with many superior features for a fair amount of resale value. The Manza comes along with safety airbags, Anti locking braking system, steering adjuster, power windows, rear defogger, central locking, child safety lock, seat upholstery, cup holders, power steering and much more. All these features make this car a handy model to look for at a fair value of about INR 3.80L

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