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How to Save the Money and Time When You are Buying Used Car

The interesting point about purchasing used cars is that their prices are never fixed or concrete. No matter what cost the seller quotes, maximum time we can actually get it at a lesser price. Used cars have run miles and have already depreciated in value.

All of these things sum up to the advantage of the buyer. It may sound easy to not pay the printed price, but in reality convincing the car seller to agree for a lower cost is very different. Negotiating the cost of a used car is not much difficult if it is a private seller, but the task can be tough if you plan to buy a used car from a car dealer. Here are some points to keep in mind which can help you save time and money while purchasing a used car from the dealer.

Used Maruti Suzuki swift-Dzire

Tips for Buy Used Car

Determine the value of the used car - The first step to bargain for a lesser price for the used car is to first find out how much the other buyers are paying for it. Nowadays, many resources are available online to help you know the worth of the used car. The online car value calculators can offer a near accurate estimate of the cash value of the used car. It helps in knowing the minimum and maximum price.

Quote an amount to the seller – When you already know the price range of the second hand car it will be easier for you to negotiate. Even if the seller tries to convince you in different ways to shell out extra money, do not entertain those offers. Start with the minimum cost that you are willing to pay. Most likely they will not agree to the value that you quote, but it is wise to not divulge the maximum price that you are ready to pay right away, for that will definitely lead you to pay more unnecessarily.

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Till you win, talk them down – When you start bargaining, either of you will try to wear the other one down. The car seller will slowly lower the initial price quoted while you the purchaser will gradually raise the amount. This will carry on till both agree on a price which is roughly the average value of the car. If the car dealer disagrees and stays fixed, it is better for you to leave politely.

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Document additional offerings – In case you decide to go with financing the car from the financer at the car dealership store, and the seller agrees to perform maintenance tasks on the used car before you own it, make sure that this agreement is documented in the bill to avoid confusions later.

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