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MFC Buying Guide - Honda CR-V

The 2007 model of Honda CR-V comes with very bold looks and is by far the most compact crossover SUV that is available in the market. It is very evident that Honda has tried to make it look more like a car and has been successful. This has made the new CRV sportier to look at. Some modifications to the A pillar and the centre of gravity has leveraged the performance. The front grille and head lamp cluster adds to its aggressive and sporty look. The modifications, though radical, are functional even from the engineering perspective.

Honda CRV

Honda CR-V

The engine choices that are available are 2.0 litre and 2.4 litre. The 2.4 litre model also comes with an automatic gearbox. This brings with the manual gearbox which is quite smooth with guaranteed smooth and short shifts. This truly stands out other than the good power output from the engine which is 143bhp for the 2.0 litre and 161bhp for the 2.4 litre one. The ride quality is actually the test to prove that the CR-V displays car like dynamics. The body roll seen in common crossover cars is more car like. It does not have a rugged feel though and from inside is pretty noiseless.

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Overall this car is a good package and offers good value for money with the features that are loaded along with its impressive ride quality. The contemporary styling and smooth arches are very attractive. A fine cruiser for long trips wherein you can expect a mileage of around 12kmpl and around 9kmpl for typical city drives. The 2.0 litre variant of the CR-V could give you a slightly more efficiency on the mileage front.

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In 2013, Honda India had introduced the fourth generation model of the CR-V and, for the first time, the CR-V began to be assembled locally at the car maker’s Noida facility. In spite of being in the Indian car market for so long, this car has, as such, no direct rivals till date since it is available only as a petrol offering, as compared to almost all other cars in its price bracket that is Rs 22 to 26 lakh (ex-showroom New Delhi), being diesel powered cars.

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The 2.0 litre variant is on offer either with a six speed manual or CVT (continuously variable transmission) transmission while the 2.4 litre option is only offered with a CVT automatic transmission. Recently, the next generation of the Honda CR-V was spotted to be undergoing testing in the Mojave desert in the United States. Sales are likely to start in the US during mid-2017.

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