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MFC Buying Guide - Volkswagen Vento

The Volkswagen Vento is definitely a great sedan to buy if you are looking for something more premium in the mid sized category. The Vento has a contemporary design and the face lifts have always contributed towards making it look more mature. The car looks more high end than its actual segment. This is one plus point of the Vento.

Vento - Super Stylish & Irresistible!

The car gets chrome inserts for the tailgate and front and rear bumpers which is a nice touch aesthetically while the fog lights are rectangular and sleek. The air dam design is also pretty good. The stylish head lamps are a major attraction as far as this car is concerned while the fog lamps also double up as cornering lights. The hood has deep crease lines which serve all accentuation purposes. The LED tail lamps are also pretty nice and the chrome additions to the door handles and exhaust are also neat touches.

Volkswagen Vento

Vento Overview | Vento On Road Price | Vento TCO

There is a soft touch pad for the boot release which adds to the premium feel. The Vento gets Walnut Desert beige interiors which again contributes to that plush feeling. The cabin is definitely high quality and this is noticeable with the integrated infotainment unit and cooled glove box. However, navigation is absent which may be a sore point for more fastidious buyers though there is plenty of other equipment along with good safety features. When it comes to overall comfort, the front seats are decent though the rear is impressively luxurious and spacious. This is one of the best rear areas in this segment with comfortable seats and ample under thigh support. Both headroom and legroom are decent. The Vento is certainly good when it comes to space which will definitely score with Indian buyers.

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The engine remains as powerful as ever though efficiency has been scaled up by a whopping 7.5% so that box is ticked as well. There is cruise control and the diesel DSG gearbox variant is our pick for you. This is the best combination available in this segment and ride quality and handling are also best in class. This is because of the top notch suspension system which easily absorbs bumps and undulations. There is minimal body roll and pitching and the cabin is nicely insulated from outside noise.

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The overall handling could have been better though it is still better than most other competitors in this market category. The steering feels responsive enough as well. The Vento is nicely stable at high speeds and makes for a nice bet on the highway since the engine is amply powerful.

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All in all, does the Vento stand out in its segment? It’s a big thumbs up from us since the car handles and rides excellently and most importantly, feels more premium than its actual segment which is a major plus point. There are good features and the design is attractive as well. To top it off, the price is comparatively reasonable in spite of being a premium VW offering.

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