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NOTICE is issued in the interest of consumers planning to buy used cars and want to fulfil their dream of owning a car. Please be aware while buying used cars compulsorily keep three basic parameters in mind i.e. quality, precise price and clear documentation of the car, with a great deal of Trust and Transparency.

Please do not give into the deceptive look and feel of used cars anywhere and everywhere as trust is paramount when you buy and sell your car which even though is a used car, it is YOUR CAR… may be the 1st one and we understand it…

Mahindra First Choice Wheels Limited – One of India’s leading Multibrand Used Car Company fulfils all used car needs and is a Subsidiary of Mahindra Group - A USD 16.9 billion multinational group trusted by millions of consumers with varied interests ranging from Automobile, Farm Equipment, Technology, Hospitality, Aerospace, Defence and many more spheres touching consumers globally.

This notice advocates all your used cars related needs, and requests you to explore your options with Mahindra First Choice Wheels which is a pioneer in creating the organised used car industry in the country. Today, it is a company with network of 600+ dealers in more than 290 cities servicing all your used cars needs from buying, selling and exchanging used cars of all brands, doorstep finance, documentation and insurance along with a great Consumer Satisfaction on Trust, Quality, Precise Price, Car health, and widest choice.

With Mahindra First Choice Wheels you get the following advantage:

• Transparency and trust
• Hassle free documentation with clean papers of the car
• Certified quality cars
• Widest choice
• Assurance on every car from roadside
assistance to comprehensive warranties
• Insurance
• Finance options
• Buyback facility
• Available near you

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Tips for Driving Safely in The Hills

Most drivers from the fields know minimal about hill driving and in this manner they wind up utilizing their auto horns more than the auto's mechanicals. Many people don't recognize what apparatus to utilize or how to maintain a strategic distance from over cooking the brakes while driving downhill.

Driving on hills

Listed below are tips as to how the driver should deal with the hilly roads:


As your sight of vision will be shorter while driving tough and furthermore the fall of the headlights would be constrained, one should drive with most extreme care because there can be other vehicles against you which are moving at a speedier rate. Before you decide to overtake the other vehicle one should check the traffic signs or any other information that is available. You should check the other vehicle’s speed of moving and then slowly overtake if you want to. In an uphill the speed is slower. The more the road is steeper the more one needs to slower down the speed. While one is driving down the hill the speed is generally more. While driving in the mountains one should check their brakes as the heavy friction causes the brakes to fade.

Escape Ramps

The escape ramps are known to be build on steep mountain roads so that the driver can stop or let the other vehicle pass by overtaking.

Speed curves

One needs to slow down to a speed before one enters a bend that can be risky as it can make the vehicle turn crazy on account of weight move. Never surpass the speed limit as it becomes risky in the hill slopes. Be in a rigging that will permit slight speeding up through the bend as this will help look after control. When entering a bend while going downhill, enable gravity to give the slight speeding up.

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Lane position in a corner

Maintaining the correct path position around a twist will help to stay away from head-on collisions. One should remain focused in the path to keep a sheltered freedom on all sides of the vehicle. If the vehicle is hugging the outside of a bend builds the possibility of dropping a tire off the cleared segment of the street onto a delicate shoulder and losing footing. Embracing within a bend then again, builds chances of an head accident around right hander drivers as you wind up driving in the wrong path and have little time to keep away from the coming vehicle or even rocks lying in the road.

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