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Top 3 Used Cars Model in Hyderabad

The car industry in our country is considered to be the fastest growing sector in the world. And the pre owned car market, which was never considered among the potential areas of steady growth in car sales, has silently secured its own firm position in the hearts of the Indian car purchasers now. The average Indian has been able to spot value in purchasing used cars which were used till three or at max four years, while the rest of India was still caught up with checking out new models. Gradually, the used car market has grown in size today. According to experts, the used car sector is the most promising sector for boosting car sales in future. In more way than one, this segment has also helped in reducing the burden on the earth by reusing cars models.

The Most Favourite Used Cars in Hyderabad

Honda City

Honda City - This real beauty of a car from the stables of Japanese car maker Honda, is the most popular sedan so far, in India. The Honda City has been here in the Indian car market for over a decade now and has always been a hot item among both new as well as used car buyers in the country. The fourth generation Honda City which was launched in 2014 has reportedly sold around 1.5 lakh models in just 20 months, while the company sold around 1 lakh units in only 15 months and sold another 50,000 units in other five months. No wonder the Honda City has been one of the most preferred used cars in the country too.

Hyundai Creta

Hyundai Creta – The hottest selling car segment in the Indian car market is undoubtedly the compact SUV segment. The Creta compact SUV from the Korean car maker Hyundai is the most popular model among the used SUVs in Hyderabad. Hyundai had launched their elegant model Creta back in last year and since its launch it has been topping the compact SUV class. The Hyundai Creta comes with a prominent road presence with its aggressive stance of an SUV and has given very little scope to the other cars in its class to match up to it in competition.

Renault Kwid

Renault Kwid – In the highly sought after hatchback segment in the Indian automobile industry, the Renault Kwid is the best selling hatchback car among the used cars that people in Hyderabad look for. From launching peppy and fresh attractive advertisements featuring Bollywood’s top young actors to sponsoring test drives to car experts and media tycoons before its launch, Renault Kwid has truly been able to capture the Indian market like no other brand before. Right from its launch in 2014 and owing to its fresh design and enticing look and also an efficient engine, all on offer at an affordable price range.

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