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NOTICE is issued in the interest of consumers planning to buy used cars and want to fulfil their dream of owning a car. Please be aware while buying used cars compulsorily keep three basic parameters in mind i.e. quality, precise price and clear documentation of the car, with a great deal of Trust and Transparency.

Please do not give into the deceptive look and feel of used cars anywhere and everywhere as trust is paramount when you buy and sell your car which even though is a used car, it is YOUR CAR… may be the 1st one and we understand it…

Mahindra First Choice Wheels Limited – One of India’s leading Multibrand Used Car Company fulfils all used car needs and is a Subsidiary of Mahindra Group - A USD 16.9 billion multinational group trusted by millions of consumers with varied interests ranging from Automobile, Farm Equipment, Technology, Hospitality, Aerospace, Defence and many more spheres touching consumers globally.

This notice advocates all your used cars related needs, and requests you to explore your options with Mahindra First Choice Wheels which is a pioneer in creating the organised used car industry in the country. Today, it is a company with network of 600+ dealers in more than 290 cities servicing all your used cars needs from buying, selling and exchanging used cars of all brands, doorstep finance, documentation and insurance along with a great Consumer Satisfaction on Trust, Quality, Precise Price, Car health, and widest choice.

With Mahindra First Choice Wheels you get the following advantage:

• Transparency and trust
• Hassle free documentation with clean papers of the car
• Certified quality cars
• Widest choice
• Assurance on every car from roadside
assistance to comprehensive warranties
• Insurance
• Finance options
• Buyback facility
• Available near you

For more details
SMS BUY or SELL to 567678

Toll Free no

1800 419 4800

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Why Used Car Better Than New One

No matter which car you are buying you should think twice before spending your hard earned money. Car buying involves quite a lot of investment and it should not be done in a rush. Take your time to think a lot and do not buy when you are desperate because that is the time you make mistake and spend more. It is advisable to buy a used car if you are a car buyer for the first time than a new one for several reasons. There certain points you should consider:

New Car vs Old Car

Old vs New Cars

• If you are buying a car for the first time then do opt for buying a used car available in a good condition than a brand new one. Do not prefer leasing out because in this case you do not own the car but over a time you more than buying the used car’s price.

• Do not pay money for a brand only. There are many well known companies who present themselves well enough but actually have quite a poor report. You need to choose the car first without paying too much attention to the brand. Choose unpopular used cars. Unpopular because the buyer number will be less.

• One should buy a used car than new one because the budget you have decided upon, you will get much less features in that amount of money in a new car whereas if you choose a used car which a few years older and not very popular then you will get much more features.

• Often the amount people decide upon, the new car will offer only the standard or the base variant. Usually the base variant has less features like the safety or the infotainment options are limited.

• Financing is also an issue, it’s not that in new car there is no interest but in used car one has to pay more interest. There are others pros too which one should consider.

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Thus it can be seen that if one invests in a used car it will be more beneficial. Often our heart wants to indulge in the new one especially the new launch in the market even if many features are not available within the specified budget or we tend to spend more and indulge in the higher variants. You can definitely buy a new car but it is advised to go for used one because you actually experience driving your car then, you know how to maintain it, you eventually learn how to properly use a car and the mistakes you make in this one you will not repeat them in future. So if you invest more and buy a new one and then you make mistakes it will cost you much more both financially and emotionally than if you invest in a used car.

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